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About Olympics Advertising

With global participation, the Olympics Games bring together athletes from all over the world to compete in a single event. With a rich history dating back to ancient Greece, the Olympics garners huge attention from a diverse audience. Brands associated with the event will be able to harness global coverage and build large-scale awareness and visibility.

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Olympics on Jio Cinema - Video

This ad option seamlessly integrates the ads into the excitement of the Olympic Games. With strategically placed Preroll and midroll ads, the brand can captivate audiences during key moments, maximizing engagement and visibility.

TMA Offer

₹ 0.25 Per Impression


Olympics on Jio Cinema - Banner

The banner is a rectangular shape ad format, HHWeb employs Frame Ads and Fence Ads to strategically position brand messages across its pages, catering to broad or specific audience segments. Social Banners extend HHWeb's reach onto social platforms, enticing users with captivating visuals and driving traffic back to the site. These ads, featuring compelling imagery, catchy headlines, and clear calls to action, ensure maximum engagement within HHWeb's ecosystem, promoting brands effectively.

TMA Offer

₹ 0.05 Per Impression


Olympics on Jio Cinema - Squeeze Back

Brand's visibility gets elevated with innovative advertising solutions. With L-Band Ads, your brand occupies prime real estate on the screen and benefits from Live Squeeze Backs. Brand experiences the power of simultaneous promotion and engagement as the credit screen minimizes to one side, seamlessly showcasing forthcoming features on the other.

TMA Offer

₹ 15,000 Per Squeeze


Olympics on Jio Cinema - Highlights/VOD

Video ads will be shown on handheld devices and the platform's website during the Olympic matches. These ads will be displayed before, during, and after the live matches, as both pre-roll and mid-roll video advertisements. These videos will play during the matches and will be accompanied by video-on-demand ads on the website.

TMA Offer

₹ 0.15 Per Impression


Olympics on Jio Cinema - Impact Banner

During the Olympics Matches, the brand maximizes impact with CPD advertising on CTV and HHWeb. This targeted approach on connected television and digital platforms ensures effective engagement, driving brand visibility and consumer interaction.

TMA Offer

₹ 12,50,000 Per Campaign


Olympics on Jio Cinema - Co-Presenting Partner Package

CoPresenting Partner As the Co-Presenting Partner for the Olympics, your brand gains exclusive access to prime TV platforms such as JioCinema Connect TV and Viacom 18 - Sports18 (SD + HD), offering diverse advertising opportunities. With JioCinema Connect TV, seize live inventory and video formats, including free commercial time (FCT) and impactful medal tally branding. Meanwhile, Viacom 18 - Sports18 (SD + HD) provides dynamic options like split-screen videos and medal tally branding, ensuring broad audience engagement. Leverage these platforms to deliver compelling video promos, social posts, and display ads, maximizing brand visibility and affinity during the prestigious Olympic broadcast.

TMA Offer

₹ 5,00,00,000 Per Package


Olympics on Jio Cinema - Associate Partner

As the Associate Partner for the Paris Olympics '24, your brand gains exclusive access to diverse advertising opportunities across multiple platforms, including JioCinema HhWeb, JioCinema Connect TV, and Viacom 18 - Sports18 (SD + HD). With JioCinema HhWeb, leverage live inventory for impactful video pre-roll and mid-roll placements, accompanied by frame/fence ads, masthead visibility, and squeeze-ups. Meanwhile, JioCinema Connect TV offers free commercial time, split-screen video options, and masthead placements to engage viewers effectively. Additionally, Viacom 18 - Sports18 (SD + HD) provides branding opportunities such as 2-box and 6-box placements, dynamic video promos, and social posts. Seize this opportunity to elevate your brand's presence during the Olympics and reach a wide audience across television and digital platforms.

TMA Offer

₹ 3,00,00,000 Per Package


Olympics on Jio Cinema - Special Partner Package

This package includes Video Ads, Banner Ads, Logo Branding, Brand Mentions, and Social Media Ads. For more details to place your advertisement on this platform, kindly contact us at help@TheMediaAnt.com or call us at 080-67415510.

TMA Offer

₹ 1,50,00,000 Per Package


Olympics on Jio Cinema - Highlight Partner Package

Introducing the Highlight Partner for the Paris Olympics '24: Maximize your brand's visibility and engagement across multiple platforms with our comprehensive advertising package. With highlights and VOD sponsorships on both JioCinema HhWeb and JioCinema CTV, your brand gains exposure through pre-roll and mid-roll videos, as well as dynamic display placements like squeeze-ups. Additionally, capitalize on live events with mid-roll and pre-roll videos, ensuring your brand is front and center during key moments. Elevate your presence with prominent display placements, including masthead impressions and fence/frame ads, capturing audience attention across platforms. Seamlessly integrate your brand into the viewer experience with branded feature trays, ensuring lasting brand recognition. With Viacom 18 - Sports18 (SD + HD), access live inventory and highlight features, leveraging free commercial time and impactful display placements. Join us as the Highlight Partner and make your brand shine during the Paris Olympics, reaching millions of viewers worldwide.

TMA Offer

₹ 6,00,00,000 Per Package


Olympics on Jio Cinema - Spot Rate Package

The brand gains exclusive access to prime TV platforms such as JioCinema Connect TV and Viacom 18 - Sports18 (SD + HD), where they can choose a specific type of ad for 10-second advertising spots, with the cost of these spots determined by the Average Spot Rate (ASR), varying depending on the type of match being advertised.

TMA Offer

₹ 60,000 Per Spot


Olympics on Jio Cinema - PPL Spot Buys

Brands get gateway to prime advertising slots during the highly anticipated Olympics 2024. Brands get to secure prominent visibility with PPL FCT ads strategically placed to capture viewers' attention.

TMA Offer

₹ 15,000 Per Spot



Olympics - Package

The media option is put on request as the rates are not yet released in the market. Once the rates are released, we will be updating it on the site immediately. For more details to place your advertisement for this event, kindly contact us at help@TheMediaAnt.com or call us at 080-67415510.


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Olympics Advertisement

With global participation, the Olympics Games bring together athletes from all over the world to compete in a single event. With a rich history dating back to ancient Greece, the Olympics garners huge attention from a diverse audience. Brands associated with the event will be able to harness global coverage and build large-scale awareness and visibility.

Olympics presents remarkable opportunities for promotion. Enhance your brand's visibility and recall among a diverse audience through engaging and impactful ads. Employing precision retargeting and consumer engagement, Olympics ensures effective market reach. Take this chance to elevate your brand's growth and engage with sports enthusiasts globally. 

Sports marketing events in India are witnessing exponential growth, propelled by a passionate sports culture and an ever-evolving media landscape. Sporting events like Olympics offer a lucrative platform for brands to reach an engaged, diverse, and massive audience. Consequently, the role of advertising in these events has never been more critical or impactful.

Advertising at Olympics combines the thrill of sports with the persuasive power of marketing, creating a synergistic effect that resonates with audiences and instills a deeper connection with brands. It ranges from on-field banners, logos on player uniforms, and digital screens inside stadiums to more innovative strategies, such as augmented reality experiences, interactive fan zones, and social media campaigns. 

Why advertise during Olympics?

Advertising during Olympics in India has become increasingly popular among brands for several reasons. 

Large Audience: India has massive and enthusiastic sports fan base. Sports events, particularly Olympics can attract millions of viewers, providing advertisers with a broad audience. 

Engaged Viewers: Fans are typically highly engaged during sports events like Olympics. This can be translated into higher recall rate of advertisements. 

Brand Association: Associating with sporting events can boosts a brand’s image. By advertising during these events, brands can position themselves as supportive of sports, health, fitness etc. which resonate with consumers. 

Digital Opportuntities: With the increase in digital viewership, advertising during {events} provides opportunities for online engagement. Advertisers can run parallel campaigns on social media, encouraging interaction and further increasing the visibility of the brand. 

Olympics Advertisement Cost

The cost of advertising on Olympics can vary depending on several factors: 

  • One of the most important variables is location. Advertising locations in high-traffic places, such as city centres or near sports stadiums, will be more expensive because of their increased exposure and possible reach. 
  • Large billboards and digital displays are more costly than regular signs because to their size and format. Unique and interactive forms may cost significantly more. 
  • The duration of the advertisements is also important in determining the cost of the advertising campaign.
  • Popular athlete endorsements may have a huge impact on the efficacy of sporting ads. The athlete's popularity and image can influence how the public views the marketed goods or service.
  • The choice of media channels can have an impact on the ad's reach and performance. Traditional media channels, such as television and print, are commonly utilised, but digital platforms are fast expanding, providing more focused and personalised advertising options.

Types of Olympics Ads

The world of sports advertising in India is diverse, encompassing a variety of mediums and types. Here are some of the main types:

Broadcast Commercials: These are advertisements that are aired during the live telecast of sports events on television or digital platforms. They often feature star athletes and are typically high-budget productions. They can be of varying lengths, from short 15-second spots to longer one-minute commercials.

Sponsorship and Partnerships: Brands often enter into sponsorship agreements with teams, leagues, or individual athletes. This might involve the brand's logo appearing on team jerseys (like Oppo on the Indian cricket team's jersey), product placements, or athletes endorsing products (like Virat Kohli endorsing Puma).

Digital Advertising: As more people stream sports events online, digital advertising has become increasingly important. This might include video ads on streaming platforms, banner ads on sports news websites, or sponsored posts on social media platforms.

Stadium Advertising: Advertisements within the stadium, such as hoardings around the field, logos on scoreboards, or ads on digital screens are also common. Brands often pay a premium for these ads due to the high visibility they offer both to spectators in the stadium and to viewers at home.

On-Product Advertising: This involves advertising directly on the product itself. For example, sports equipment brands like Adidas, Nike, or Reebok might have their logos prominently displayed on the shoes, clothing, or sports gear that athletes use.

Event Sponsorship: Companies may sponsor specific sports events. In these cases, the event might be officially named after the sponsor (like the Vivo Indian Premier League), and the sponsor's logo will likely be displayed prominently throughout the event.

In-game Advertising: This includes product placements within the sports events themselves. For example, a drinks brand may be the official drink consumed during breaks, or a technology brand might provide the official technology used in the event (like the "Decision Review System" in cricket sponsored by various tech companies).

Experiential Advertising: This type of advertising involves creating immersive, interactive experiences for fans, such as branded fan zones in stadiums, virtual reality experiences, or interactive digital campaigns.

Olympics Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is one of the Olympics Advertising Agency to advertise since it offers a wide range of services to help businesses reach their target demographic. Strategic and media planning are also accessible. In addition, The Media Ant has a broad network of publishers, advertisers, and media sources, allowing businesses to reach a big audience. 

Furthermore, the company has an experienced staff of professionals that can provide tailored solutions to each business's needs. If you're not sure whether advertising on Olympics is ideal for your company, call us and we'll tell you!

FAQs Related to Olympics Advertising

How much does it cost to run ad on Olympics?

The cost of advertising on Olympics can vary depending on factors such as

  • Location
  • Type of advertisements 
  • Duration of the ad
  • The type of Media option. 

Why advertise during Olympics?

There are many reasons why you might want to advertise during Olympics. Here are a few of the most common:

  • To reach a large audience of potential customers. Olympics is a major event that attracts people from all over the world. By advertising during Olympics, you can reach a large number of potential customers who are already interested in what you have to offer.
  • To generate excitement and buzz around your brand. Olympics is a time when people are excited and engaged. By advertising during Olympics, you can tap into that excitement and generate buzz around your brand.
  • To drive sales. Olympics is a time when people are more likely to spend money. By advertising during Olympics, you can increase your chances of driving sales.

What is the ad rate for Olympics?

The ad rate is based on the following factors:

  • The size of the ad
  • The location of the ad
  • The number of attendees expected at the event

To place an ad, please contact [contact information].

How to advertise in Olympics?

Advertising in Olympics is powerful way to reach your target audience. 

  • Understand you audience
  • Define your goals 
  • Plan your budget 
  • Choose the type of advertisement 
  • Create your advertisement
  • Contact the Event Organizer 
  • Book your Ad space
  • Measure your success. 

What is the effectiveness of Olympics advertising?

Olympics can be a great way to reach a specific target audience. For example, if you are a software company, you could host an event for developers. This would allow you to reach your target audience directly and in a way that is relevant to their interests.

Olympics can also be a great way to generate leads. By providing valuable content and engaging with attendees, you can encourage them to sign up for your email list or request a demo of your product. Olympics can also help to boost sales. By demonstrating your product or service in person, you can give potential customers a better understanding of what you have to offer. This can lead to increased sales.