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As its tagline suggests, Bajate Rago, Red FM is a one-stop destination for everything entertaining. It offers engaging talk shows, the latest music hits, and much more, which garners a huge listenership across the city. By engaging people as they travel or work, Red FM is a great option for brands to promote their message in a short time.

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93.5 FM


Hindi, Marathi

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07:00-12:00, 17:00-23:00

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Red FM Mumbai-Jingle Advertising-Option 1


Jingle is a short audio message, used to define and promote a product or a brand. It usually varies between 10-30 seconds. It can be played during the following time bands: Prime Time - Ads are split between 7am - 12pm & 5pm - 11pm, Mixed Time - Ads are split between 7am - 11pm.

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₹ 76 Per Second

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Top RJ Lists

RJ Malishka
RJ Malishka

Morning No. 1

7:00 AM - 12:00 PM

RJ Akriti
RJ Akriti

Channel no. 935

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

RJ Jay Man
RJ Jay Man

Red Indies Shuffle

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

RJ Rishi Kapoor
RJ Rishi Kapoor

Mumbai Local

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

RJ Yamini
RJ Yamini

The Game of Love

9:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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Ruparel Vivanza




Govt. Of India


Naredco Maharashtra




Phoenix Marketcity

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Red FM, Mumbai Advertising Cost

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TMA Offer


₹ 76 Per Second

Red FM, Mumbai Advertising

As its tagline suggests, Bajate Rago, Red FM is a one-stop destination for everything entertaining. It offers engaging talk shows, the latest music hits, and much more, which garners a huge listenership across the city. By engaging people as they travel or work, Red FM is a great option for brands to promote their message in a short time.

Red FM, Mumbai is a Hindi,Marathi language radio station that is a high-impact marketing strategy for brand promotion in a limited time. Red FM, Mumbai Advertising targets listeners who usually tune in to the radio while stuck in traffic or commuting. In Radio Ads, advertisers buy airtime to play a brief audio containing the brand message.

Radio Advertising allows customised brand messages to be played to improve brands credibility and promotes brand recall to potential customers. Through repeated advertising, Advertising in Red FM, Mumbai will generate consumer attraction and influences a city-wide audience effectively. Place your Red FM, Mumbai Ads Now!

Red FM, Mumbai Advertisement

With 2890000 weekly listenership, Red FM, Mumbai Advertising helps target a wide audience. Radio Advertisement is promoting brand products or services during radio shows or commercials. Red FM, Mumbai Advertising is a great marketing strategy for businesses looking to improve their brand awareness and sales 

Red FM, Mumbai Advertisement also has an emotional effect because listeners can be influenced by messages even when they're not paying attention. Advertisers can place their ads on different time bands like Prime Time and Mixed Time which will help them to reach out to specific target audiences. 

Red FM, Mumbai Ads

Red FM, Mumbai Ads would be the finest option for advertisers to place their ads to a larger base with their engaging content. With more and more people listening to the radio on a daily basis, it is important for businesses to consider radio ads as an effective marketing tool. Advertisers can buy radio ad spots for during airtime on Red FM, Mumbai which are cost-effective and can be placed immediately.

Businesses like yours pay for every second of airtime, and the station broadcasts your radio commercials to its audience. Most radio ads listeners can be reached while they're in their cars, at work or even out running errands.

On Red FM, Mumbai Ads, advertisers can display their ads before, after, and during the shows for 10 to 30 seconds. On Red FM, Mumbai Ads, advertisers can customize their ads based on their requirements or engage and reach consumers on the go. 

Red FM, Mumbai Advertising Cost

Want to Get Radio Advertising Cost? Red FM, Mumbai Advertisement Cost may vary depending on the time slot chosen by the brands. Our pricing models for Red FM, Mumbai Advertising Cost are according to the media options selected by the advertisers.

Ads cost in Radio will help brands to target a wide range of audience from within the city. Advertisers can choose to play their Red FM, Mumbai Advertisement during Prime Time and Mixed Time. Red FM, MumbaiAdvertisement 

Red FM, Mumbai Advertising Rates

Red FM, Mumbai Advertising Rates will depend on the media option the client chooses, the total seconds of the ad’s airtime, and the frequency of ads per day. Each radio advertising option will include various options for Red FM, Mumbai Advertising like pre-roll and mid-roll ads and promotional videos. 

Red FM, Mumbai Advertising Rates will depend on the media options that the advertisers have selected based on their requirements. 

Check Red FM, Mumbai Advertising Rates offered by The Media Ant

Red FM, Mumbai Advertisement Rates

Red FM, Mumbai Advertisement Rates will vary based on the kind of adverts and the timing of the jingle. Red FM, Mumbai Advertisement Rates are available at discounted rates, from which brands and companies can select their timeslot according to their requirements and availability.

Our “Top Choice” section on “Advertising on Red FM, Mumbai” will include all the Radio Advertising media ad options the companies can choose from according to their requirements. Just like other mainstream ads, in radio advertising, advertisers will be provided with a broadcast certificate after the jingle is played

You can check out discounted Radio Advertisement Rates on the official website of The Media Ant. Companies can pick the ad options most relevant to their needs.

Radio Advertisement Agency

Looking to Place Your Ads in Radio? The Media Ant is one of India’s leading radio advertising agencies that helps you with advertising and brand recognition needs. 

With a presence across top Indian cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, The Media Ant ensures you a one-stop solution for all your outdoor advertising needs. 

We help you plan, buy, execute and monitor all your radio advertising campaigns across the country. Our in-house team ensures to provide you with the best Radio Adverts plans at the best possible rates available and flawless execution of the advertising in skywalk.

Our best rates for advertising on radio platforms are available online on our website. As part of the execution process in radio advertising, The Media Ant will provide advertisers with broadcast certificates.

You can contact us through , Phone, or Email for all your ads in radio. The Media Ant contact details are available in the Contact Us section of our website.

Red FM, Mumbai Advertisement FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions on Radio Advertising:

Why Should I Do Radio Advertising?

Radio Advertising is an effective way to advertise brand products or services to a city-wide audience. Ads on Radio will help brands in a multiple ways, however, here are a few reasons why Radio Advertising is the best option for you. 

  • Being one of the most popular stations in the city. Advertising on Radio would help brands reach out to the maximum number of people in the city. 
  • Ads on Radio can help brands go beyond normal advertising tactics by running brand integration campaigns, enabling a 360-degree approach to target a wide range of audiences who are listening in while traveling in the city or from one city to the other.
  • Radio jockeys who are also some of the most trusted influencers, are a good influence and people tend to find them most credible. Radio Advertising would help brands leverage this to build trust among their target audience. 
  • Ads on Radio are the choice of entertainment for daily commuters while they travel to their work. By Advertising on the Radio during the the morning and evening in their prime time, advertisers can target working professionals, students, and more depending on their required target audience.

How Does Radio Advertising Work?

Brands can visit The Media Ant’s website and check out the various media options available for radio advertising. Brands can then choose the ad option and customize their requirements based on their needs. After the customizations, brands will be able to click on the express quote and get the best rates for radio advertisement

You can also contact us to find the best possible way to place your radio advertising

How Much Should I Spend On Advertising?

To place your radio advertising you can spend as much money, however, the price varies depending on the media type and the number of days they want to place their advertisement. 

You can check out discounted Radio Advertisement Rates on the official website of The Media Ant. Companies can pick the ad options most relevant to their needs.

How Is Radio Used In Advertising?

Through Radio Advertising, advertisers can buy their ads on various radio stations using which they can promote their products or brand based on their preferences at large base. Advertisers can place their ads on the radio during popular shows and podcasts which will help them to make a great impact on the audience. 

How Soon Can My Radio Advertising Campaign Be On Air?

Ads on radios can be live as soon as the time slot and the jingle that is to be played are fixed. Radio Advertising is fixed at night for every day, and advertisers are required to provide their jingle by 4 pm so their ads on the radio can be played the next day. 

Radio Advertising campaign duration will be varied based on the time slot chosen by the client. Mostly the radio ads range between 30 to 60 seconds. 

Red FM - 93.5 FM advertising in Mumbai is a fantastic medium for local advertisers as it allows them to reach out to the local community in a highly targeted and cost effective way. However these aren't the only reasons why they should be using Red FM adverts in Mumbai. Book Red FM ads online today.Brand building requires broad reach and involvement: Offering scale with lower entry cost and greater regional flexibility is a huge selling point for Red FM in Mumbai, and one that isn’t really exploited by many brand advertisers currently.By Tapping into the unique character of a community and utilizing Radio's ability to engage and mobilize an audience. You can successfully drive awareness to support your brand in Mumbai.

Why Advertise In Red FM, Mumbai

  • Utilize Red FM advertising to build business and change the way people feel about your business.
  • Red FM in Mumbai enables you to generate a response from specific audience and helps bring your core message to life.
  • Placing creative ads in Red FM gives your brand a comprehensive and efficient coverage across Mumbai to deliver high level of cost-effective response.
  • Red FM is immediate and flexible; campaigns can be booked and on air within 24 hours, a copy can be changed to respond to changing trading environments very promptly.
  • Retarget with Red FM in Mumbai. Deliver your Radio commercials with 100% accuracy to people who've recently shopped and searched online for what you've got to offer.
  • Red FM in Mumbai has helped national brands and direct marketers boost sales and drive web traffic through powerful brand-building and direct response Radio advertising campaigns. Red FM in Mumbai has created and placed Radio promotions to help clients integrate their brand message.

Cost Of Red FM Advertising In Mumbai

We can guide you in buying Radio airtime and the costs associated with it. Find the Rates in Media Options and Pricing tab.

Additional costs such as gaining copy clearance or ad distribution are also something to consider, but by choosing to work with us and accessing our full range of services, we keep total costs down and provide you with very competitive rates. This means you will have more to spend where it matters - your campaign.

How The Media Ant Can Help You

In our very first conversation together, we'll ask direct questions to help us determine whether Radio advertising is a good fit for you. If it is, our advertising agency will devote its full resources to place your Radio commercial on the Radio stations most likely to get the results you need to call your Radio advertising campaign a success.Then, we'll scale your Radio advertising campaign as big – and as fast – as your appetite for growth allows. We ensure that your budget is well spent. We guarantee you the best rates for Radio advertising.