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Mumbai Auto, a mode of commuting has turned into a revolutionary communication medium. Auto ads in Mumbai, a city with a vast network of rickshaws are gaining prominence because of their budget-friendly nature and their ability to be more localized. It ensures maximum visibility by capturing the attention of commuters.

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Auto Back Panel Ad - 1
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Auto Back Panel Ad - 1

Auto Back Panel

Advertisements will be printed out and mounted on the back window of the auto. Auto Back Panel Ads will be made of vinyl stickers.

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₹ 115 Per Auto


Auto Hood

Auto Hood Advertisement will not be displayed, as the auto drivers in Mumbai, do not allow hood branding.

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₹ 1,300 / Per Person

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Auto Mumbai Advertising Cost

Advertising Option

TMA Offer

Auto Back Panel

₹ 115 Per Auto

Monitoring Charges

₹ 1,300 Per Person

Auto Advertising In Mumbai

Mumbai Auto, a mode of commuting has turned into a revolutionary communication medium. Auto ads in Mumbai, a city with a vast network of rickshaws are gaining prominence because of their budget-friendly nature and their ability to be more localized. It ensures maximum visibility by capturing the attention of commuters.

Having approx 460K auto rickshaws, Auto Advertising in Mumbai helps companies build brand visibility among hyperlocal audiences. Greater Mumbai has approximately 2,000km of major roads, which makes up primarily slow-moving traffic, and advertises the brand to a wider audience who are commuting, passing by or stuck in traffic. 

Auto Ads in Mumbai will help build recall and promote products or services to potential customers. Place Your Auto Ads in Mumbai Now!

With the geographical advantage of hard-moving transportation, Auto Advertising in Mumbai is an excellent option to target hyperlocal advertising in popular areas like Dahisar, Dadar, Bandra, Kurla, Kalyan, and more. Auto Advertising in Mumbai is available as Auto Back Panel Advertising and Auto Hood Advertising.

Auto Advertisement In Mumbai

Auto Advertisement in Mumbai is a great opportunity for businesses to do city-wide advertising. Being one of the most populous cities in the country, Auto Advertisement in Mumbai has stagnant traffic which proves to be an effective marketing strategy. 

Auto Advertisement in Mumbai will market companies to a very slow moving traffic. Autos tend to travel through prime locations across the city and ensures maximum visibility for companies. Auto Advertisement is a cost-effective advertising option that engages customers while they wait for traffic to move.

Auto Ads in Mumbai

In general, autos travels 100km to 150km daily, which provides customers with engaging Auto Ads in Mumbai that will be displayed on a repetitive basis. Auto Ads in Mumbai will help with brand recall value and instant audience engagement.

Being a sustainable transport mode, Auto Ads in Mumbai is a cost effective advertising option that captures attention and occupies half the road space. 

What is auto-rickshaw advertising called?

Auto-rickshaw advertising, also known as auto advertising or auto-rickshaw branding, is a type of outdoor advertising that involves placing ads on the exterior of auto-rickshaws, which are commonly used for transportation in many countries. Auto-rickshaw advertising is an effective way to reach a large audience as the vehicles often travel through crowded areas and busy streets, exposing the advertisements to too many people. Advertisements can be in the form of stickers, posters, or vinyl wraps placed on the sides, back, or rooftops of the auto-rickshaw. There are now companies specializing in auto-rickshaw advertising that provide services such as design, printing, and installation of advertisements on vehicles.

What is auto rickshaw branding?

The use of auto rickshaws as an advertising medium is known as auto rickshaw branding. It involves placing promotional messages on the exterior of the vehicle in the form of decals, stickers, or full vehicle wraps. Auto rickshaws are a common sight in many cities, making them a valuable tool for reaching a diverse audience.

What are the advantages of auto rickshaw advertising?

  1. Advertising through auto-rickshaws is an innovative and efficient method to market products or services to potential customers.
  2. The use of auto-rickshaw advertising can provide a broader outreach and exposure to potential clients, especially for local businesses in urban or semi-urban areas.
  3. Auto rickshaw advertising is an economical way of promoting products or services, making it a perfect choice for small and medium-sized enterprises, unlike traditional advertising methods such as television, radio, or newspaper.
  4. One of the significant advantages of auto rickshaw advertising is its high recall value, thanks to the frequent sightings of auto-rickshaws on roads, making it easier for people to recognize and remember the advertised brand.
  5. Targeted advertising is made possible with auto rickshaw advertising since they operate in specific routes and areas, allowing businesses to reach out to their desired audience effectively.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising Rates in Mumbai

Auto Advertisements Rates may vary depending on the number of autos and the price quoted by the vendor. Our pricing models for Auto Advertisement Rates are per media option chosen and the number of days for the ads. 

Auto Advertising Costs will depend on the number of auto rickshaws and the media option chosen by the advertiser. Each Auto Rickshaw Advertising package will include various media options in Auto Advertisement like back hood branding and auto hood advertising.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising Cost in Mumbai

Looking for ways to do Auto Advertising in Mumbai? Auto Rickshaw Advertising Cost in Mumbai can be found by visiting the “Top Choice” section of “Auto Advertisement in Mumbai” on The Media Ant website, which will include all the packages the companies can choose from according to their requirements. 

Auto Rickshaw Ad Rates in Mumbai

Various Auto Advertisement placement options are available at discounted rates, out of which brands and companies can select according to their requirements. Auto Rickshaw Ad Rates in Mumbai depend on the locality that the advertisements will be targeting.

You can check out the best discounted Auto Ad Rates in Mumbai, by visiting the official website of The Media Ant. Companies can pick the package most relevant to their needs. 

Auto Rickshaw Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is one of India’s leading outdoor advertising agencies that helps you with advertising and brand recognition needs. With a presence across top Indian cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, The Media Ant ensures you a one-stop solution for all your outdoor advertising needs. 

We help you plan, buy, execute and monitor all your outdoor advertising campaigns across the country. Our in-house team ensures to provide you with the best Auto Rickshaw Branding plans in the best possible rates available and flawless execution of the auto advertising.

Our best rates for advertising on the non-traditional platform are available online on our website. 

As part of the execution process in outdoor advertising, The Media Ant will provide advertisers with images of all autos, with their registration number, date-stamped, and geotagged in their online dashboard.

Get the best rates to place your Auto Rickshaw Advertising on any outdoor platform on The Media Ant.

You can monitor your ad campaigns on our online monitoring dashboard on your mobile phone. Check the best rates to advertise your brand on outdoor and non-traditional platforms in The Media Ant's outdoor advertising planning tools

You can contact us through , Phone, or Email. The Media Ant contact details are available in the Contact Us section of our website.

Auto Advertising Mumbai FAQs

Why Do Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Mumbai?

Being the most populous city in the country, Mumbai has a highly efficient public transport system that grabds attention of the commuters and passerbys. With a large number of commuters in the city, Mumbai can get extremely frustrating for drivers, making public transportation the best option. 

Auto Advertising in Mumbai is a very popular marketing strategy that will help local shops, restaurants and other small businesses in building brand recognition and marketing promotional offers. 

Read some top reasons why you should do Auto Advertising in Mumbai:

  • Good Brand Visibility: Auto Advertising in Mumbai is a very good option for brands looking to improve brand recall and visibility among customers who use auto rickshaws for commuting. 
  • Small Budget Advertising: Auto Advertising is quite economic and apt for small brands looking to create a large impact with a small budget. Through its 
  • Popular Mode of Transportation: Being a cheap means of transport, autos are widely popular and used by commuters, making Auto Advertising the perfect marketing strategy to help spread awareness about a brand’s products and services, as well as help with recognition.
  • Hyperlocal Advertising: As autos usually travel a short distance within a particular region, Auto Advertising is a great large-scale hyperlocal advertising strategy. Autos can travel to colonies and narrow lanes where cabs and buses don’t ply, carrying the advertisements on them. This is one of the reasons auto advertising is preferred by local shops, restaurants, events, etc as well as brands who want to advertise in residential areas.

Some other popular transit advertising options in Mumbai are Non-AC Bus Advertising, AC Bus Advertising, Transit Advertising like Metro Advertising, Cab Advertising, and Auto Rickshaw Advertising.

How Does Auto Advertising Work?

Looking Into Auto Rickshaw Advertising In Mumbai? Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Mumbai mostly includes auto back panel and auto hood covering. Auto Advertising is smaller in size, can be cheaper and have a higher reach as well as engagement.

Through Auto Advertising, area-wise targeting is possible to a certain extent. While executing Auto Rickshaw Advertising, a minimum of 50 autos have to be selected to place the advertisement. Advertisers using Auto Advertising in Mumbai for their campaigns are primarily looking to reach their target group at the city level using transit nontraditional advertising options.

Auto Advertising can help with reaching out to the entire city or reach out to specific geographies within the city. Keeping these requirements in mind, other transit advertising options include Non-AC Bus, AC Bus and Cabs.

What Are Advertising Rate for Auto Mumbai?

The rate for advertising in Auto Mumbai is available on the Media Option and Pricing section of the website. The ad rate is quoted per auto. One of the frequently asked questions regarding the advertising rates for Auto in Mumbai is "what is the duration for which the ad would remain on the auto?". 

There is no direct answer to this question regarding the duration of auto campaigns. The ads on auto stay as long as no new advertisers come for the same ad or the ad gets damaged. So your ad on auto in Mumbai can stay anywhere between a few days to a few months. On average we have seen ads on auto in Mumbai to stay for a month. 

Ad rates for auto advertising in Mumbai are discounted. However, if you have large quantities, do not hesitate to ask The Media Ant for a further discount. 

You can check the best rate for advertising in Auto Mumbai by adding your quantity to the bag and looking at the offer rate. We do not charge any fee for sharing the rate and this service is free.

Why Advertising Agency Should I Choose for Auto Mumbai Ads?

The Media Ant is India's one of the leading non-traditional advertising agencies. With a presence across top cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, we are the best non-traditional advertising agency in India. We help advertisers plan, buy, execute, and monitor their Mumbai auto ad campaigns. Our in-house performance team ensures that your Mumbai auto advertising campaigns are monitored to ensure the best performance.  

In addition to this, we can also measure campaign engagement for relevant campaigns. As a leading ad agency, The Media Ant assures the best advertising rates and flawless execution of your non-traditional advertising campaigns. Get the best rates to place your ad on any non-traditional platform of your choice. 

You can check the best rates to advertise on various platforms in the outdoor advertising planning tool on The Media Ant. You can contact us over , Phone, or email. Contact details are mentioned in the Contact Us section of the website. 

Why Advertise in Mumbai Autos?

Mumbai is home to one of the slowest-moving traffic in India. This makes outdoor advertising and transit advertising very lucrative options for advertisers. 

Some popular transit advertising options in Mumbai are non-AC bus advertising, AC bus advertising, cab advertising, and auto advertising. When it comes to auto advertising, it is very popular among local brands like shops, restaurants as well as bigger brands looking for hyperlocal advertising due to the following reasons:

Hyperlocal Advertising: Autos usually travel a short distance within a particular region. This makes them the best hyperlocal advertising in Mumbai. Also, autos can travel to colonies and narrow lanes where cabs and buses don’t ply. This is one of the reasons auto advertising is preferred by local shops, restaurants, events etc as well as brands who want to advertise in residential areas.

Apt for small-budget advertising: Unlike other transit advertising mediums, auto advertising is economic and is apt for small brands who want to create an impact on a small budget or brands who want to give transit advertising a try.

What is the cost of auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai?

The expense of promoting AutoRickshaw in Mumbai fluctuates depending on the geographic location and the number of vehicles used for advertising.

Auto hood branding in Mumbai?

Utilizing auto rickshaw hood branding in Mumbai can be an innovative and economical way to advertise your business on the go, making your brand visible to a large number of people on a daily basis. One of the most creative and affordable methods to market your brand on the move in Mumbai is by using auto rickshaw hood branding, which can potentially reach thousands of viewers every day. 

Opting for auto rickshaw hood branding in Mumbai can be a smart and budget-friendly way to create brand awareness on the streets, as your brand can be exposed to a vast audience if it's in a high-traffic and prominent area.

How much does auto rickshaw advertising cost in India?

The cost of advertising on auto-rickshaws in India is not constant and depends on various factors such as the location, duration, size, and number of vehicles involved in the campaign

What is the cost of a rickshaw banner?
Advertising through auto-rickshaws is a cost-effective way to reach a large number of people. The auto-rickshaw is usually stationed in busy areas of the city, making it easy to reach a large audience.