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About The Hindu newspaper Advertising in India

Planning to reach more people by newspaper advertising? Or looking to advertise only to your target consumers ? Looking for newspaper advertising rates or confused about which cities to target ? 

We have answers to all your Media planning questions pertaining to Newspaper advertising.

The Hindu is one of India’s leading dailies, known for their spectacular editing and their excellent coverage of local, national and international news events.The Hindu has a  English speaking people as its target audience and is a lucrative option for advertisers who want to target these people. The Hindu has a wide presence across India specially in Southern India. Because of its high brand loyalty amongst customers, Constant Innovation like first to go Online, first to print in color etc., The Hindu been able to increase penetration across India through advertising and promotion. Currently, The Hindu has a high readership of around 2 million people per day. The Hindu is widely read and held in high regard by readers all over the country, and according to an Indian Readership Survey (IRS) study conducted in 2013, the third most widely read English newspaper in India.

You can choose to publish an Advertisement in Hindu via any of the following formats :-

Advertising options in The Hindu Newspaper

Classified Text: The first option of advertising are in the form of Text ads in the classified section. These are printed on The Hindu’s classified pages in run on words format. Some newspaper advertisers also prefer adding enhancements like screen, tick, color for extra visibility. These classified advertisements are popularly booked for Sunday matrimonials, property, real estate, change of name, lost & found, astrology categories.

Classified Display:  The second advertising option are the Display advertisements. These Ads enable usage of pictures  and  logos and allow customized font sizes according to your brand signage. Display Ads can be booked both in The Hindu for color and Black & White. The display advertisements are a little more expensive than the classified ads. You can refer our cards for the exact rates. The width of this Advertisement is fixed at a maximum of 1 column. Ideally suited for Recruitment, Business, Obituary, Education, Tenders, Public Notice advertisers.


The two types of classified ads, namely Classified Text and Classified Display ads are charged differently due to the difference in their formats. Classified Text Ads also known as Run on line ads are charged on the basis of the number of lines/characters/ words used in the content of the advert. Classified Display ads a.k.a as column ads are calculated according to the amount of space taken up by the advert in per unit. CD ads are available both in colored and black and white format and their size can only be altered in height or length.

Procedure for Planning a campaign in The Hindu Newspaper

To book your classified advertisement in The Hindu, take the following steps:

Select Ad Type, Newspaper & Location: Select Classified Text or Classified Display Ad as per your requirement. Choose the newspaper and the preferred editions to view rates. Select a single edition or package based on your budget.

Compose Ad: Compose your Ad with the help of our samples or seek expert advice from our team. Use enhancements for higher visibility.

Select Date & Make Payment: Select the release date(s) and after that preview the booking details. Once finalized, proceed to make payment by any online/offline modes to confirm your booking.

Planning assistance to advertise in The Hindu Newspaper

1. Can The Media Ant help me make the plan?

Yes. We offer free newspaper planning.

2. How should I select the newspapers?

Use the filters on left hand side to get a list of relevant newspapers for yourself. The filters available are Publications, and Language

You can also use the Geography search bar to look for newspapers that are circulated only in specific areas.

Once you have a list of newspapers that are suitable for you to advertise, use sorting filters to pick the best once. Sorting is possible basis circulation, readership, cost and most popular on The Media Ant

3. What are the possible innovations in newspaper advertising?

Apart from the regular print advertisements , some examples of innovative advertising options in Newspapers are Pointer ads, Ear Panels, samplings and Newspaper Jackets.

4. Are there options outside of print advertising available in newspapers?

Yes. Many newspapers also offer advertising on their website where you can put in the ads according to the content of the page and the geography you are targeting.

What execution steps are involved in advertising in newspapers

1. Once I have finalized the plan what is the next step?

Once you have finalized the plan, you can book the ad online. You can make the payment online as well as upload the artwork. In case you want to book your ad offline, kindly mail the selected list of Newspapers and the edition to

2. How do I pay?

You can pay either online, cheque or bank transfer.

3. What proof do I get once the activity is complete?

After the advertisement has been printed, a soft & a physical copy of the newspaper along with the invoice will be sent to you.

4. Will The Media Ant help me make the ad/creative?

We help in making ads for advertising in newspapers. The rate for this service is dependent on the requirement and the cost in not included in the price list.